julia marie
fresh from the farm.

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Our blog gives a glimpse at our farm. We make goat milk soap and goat milk lotion in small batches. We are a micro farm, hand-milking a goat and using her milk in our products. We wildcraft plants to use in our products. We source local ingredients when we can and support small local businesses for many of our products. We hope you support small farms!

The land does remember

Remnants of farmers of past scatter the ground of many cycles of production. I wonder to myself will my endeavors be profitable and worth it too? An old fallen tobacco barn hints at past farmers’ attempts to cultivate the land with such a tedious and particular crop. Mink cages, now rusted sit amongst the forest growing lichen on the wooden roofs. Cages showing past promises of a furring boom.

The soap business was not our first attempt at selling goods and magic from the land. Old harvest baskets and washing sinks sit idle from past veggie seasons. I continue and try to find the just right fit for our farm. A way for us to help maintain and further its own natural path. Making a mark, hopefully healing and not scarring, on the land. Wishing maybe someday to make it better for my niece or nephew.

Throughout this blog I hope to inspire and document my successes after many a year of observation, trial and error, and success. Each season offers new forgiveness of past mistakes. I am so humbled to learn from this most wondrous land. I feel very content and grateful for where our small business is heading and I hope to share what works with you.