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Our blog gives a glimpse at our farm. We make goat milk soap and goat milk lotion in small batches. We are a micro farm, hand-milking a goat and using her milk in our products. We wildcraft plants to use in our products. We source local ingredients when we can and support small local businesses for many of our products. We hope you support small farms!

Soap May Be Just What We Need

When working toward creating a farm business, could a soap and lotion business be just the right fit for us? On the tail end of a full 6 month farmers market, I am beginning to think we are on to something.

Soap and lotion make for a great farmstead business because it can be made and stored for sale at a later date. Soap and lotion can capture the essence of a particular season. What a wonderful thing to have dandelion or violet soap in the middle of winter. Having the ability to make soap with ingredients from the land are extra special in my book. The goat’s milk and wildcrafted plants add to the unique and wonderful qualities of our soap varieties.

Soap tells a story of the person making it. Soap allows the maker to be creative and let their special interests and values shine through in their soap. Being on the land and using ingredients from the land make soap making all the more enjoyable for me. I am glad that I can bring you a product that I am very proud of.

When I think about all of the things that are important to us, I can see our values starting to shine in our products.

I have listed three of the important factors contributing to our business.

1) Incorporate the farm into our products: I have, for decades, been interested in keeping goats. Over the last four years, I have been very fortunate to have friends help me learn the ways of the goat. I am also very grateful of the knowledgeable I continue to gain surrounding the magical qualities of our plant world.

2) Source ingredients close to home: We are successful in curating all of our soap materials from local businesses. We are able to buy bulk oils and lye from a small store a few miles from our farm. We have also been purchasing our beeswax from a local beekeeper and lard from a local butcher.

3) Mend and repair the land: The idea of monetary gains from this endeavor will go back into mending the land. We have increased flooding issues that needs yearly maintenance. The land can be replanted and tended to. With the money gained from this business we hope to improve the land.


Dandelion Soap

spring sunrays trapped in this soap, ready for a long winter’s night

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