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Our blog gives a glimpse at our farm. We make goat milk soap and goat milk lotion in small batches. We are a micro farm, hand-milking a goat and using her milk in our products. We wildcraft plants to use in our products. We source local ingredients when we can and support small local businesses for many of our products. We hope you support small farms!

Agrarian Non-fiction

When asked what my favorite genre of books is, I would have to reply agrarian non-fiction. I am not too sure if that is the correct genre – but I seek out such texts. I would have to say that some of my most favorites are writings by Gene Logsdon.

Growing up in an urban environment I had much to learn when we moved to rural Wisconsin. My thirst was quenched by dozens of authors such as Scott and Helen Nearing, Masanobu Fukuoka and Gene Logsdon. My whole world was opened to new possibilities, challenges and encouragement.

Each year the changing seasons allows time and opportunity to plan, implement and reflect. With the knowledge gained from these writers I continue to create our farmstead in harmony with the land.

I found much inspiration in these authors and maybe they can bring you inspiration as well.

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julia marie