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Our blog gives a glimpse at our farm. We make goat milk soap and goat milk lotion in small batches. We are a micro farm, hand-milking a goat and using her milk in our products. We wildcraft plants to use in our products. We source local ingredients when we can and support small local businesses for many of our products. We hope you support small farms!

Create a Sizeable Income from Two Goats (right here in the United States)

I have been thinking about this idea of a two goat farm for years. This idea to create income from only a super small herd. A micro-herd, if you will. The idea of a micro farm in essences is a super scaled down version of a farm. It allows “farming” to happen where there is only a small portion of land available. A micro farm in very manually intensive since large equipment cannot be used due to lack of space. Only a few, if any, animals may be kept. I envision micro farms could grow in both a rural and an urban setting. Currently we see very successful micro farms growing micro greens. I even found an urban goat dairy in Chicago. It is totally happening already and I find inspiration in these business. I want to know if more people can create their own goat micro farm and take their own employment into their own hands!

I am diligently working hard to see if a very small herd of goats (producing and selling value-added products with the goat’s milk) can supply a family with a decent annual income. I want to create a template to help other people work for themselves with the help of goats.

We all know that farming takes many hours of labor so the hourly wage may be minimal or equivalent to a job working at a big-box retail store. For some people, transportation, criminal records, or the yearning to work for oneself can bar a person from accessing these hourly waged jobs. Perhaps a small micro farm, marketed the correct way, could give a family at least a nice supplemental income, if not, something to live off of.

Over the next few years I hope to see if this hypothesis is even possible. I am learning the world of the social media, farmers markets, craft markets and online-sales. I hope to lead a path for other people and show them that they can create something for themselves right in their own home. Empowerment can come from the ability to create something and make a living from it. A micro farm can help someone work hard for themselves and not for someone else.

I think groups like Heifer International are super cool. I think some families in the United States could benefit from this same kind of idea. Families could receive training and supplies to start their own goat business. Some states allow the sales of milk from micro dairies. Value added products like soap and caramel could bring in a nice income for dedicated families.

The goat is truly a wonderful animal and I believe that it can help many families create a nice income even here in the United States.


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