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WE ALSO DO CUSTOM ORDERS! Contact me at julia@juliamarie.farm if you are interested in a bulk purchase for your next event. Soap makes a great party favor for baby and wedding showers as well as birthday parties. If you don’t see something here we can work together to make something you and your guests will enjoy! Soap makes a great gift that everyone can use. I need at least 6 weeks notice on custom orders. Thank you for checking out the store!

Nettle and Tea Tree Oil Shampoo Bar, approx. 4oz

Nettle and Tea Tree Oil Shampoo Bar, approx. 4oz


You are in for a wonderful treat with this soap. The soap has a magnificent sweet smell. The nettle gives off a subtle scent that stays on your hair for a while after you shower. One may think that a bar of soap for your hair would be difficult to execute - no problem - just rub the bar on your head to create a few suds. Once the suds are created - lather as usual.

The nettle infused olive oil will leave your hair so silky. Great for dry or oily hair. This soap could also be used as a body washing bar!

This soap has Tea Tree Oil added


Wild crafted stinging nettle infused in olive oil, lard, coconut oil, goat milk, lye, tea tree essential oil

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