julia marie
fresh from the farm.

The Farm


The farm is our home

Farm life is wonderful and difficult. When not at our town job we spend our days filled with a variety of tasks on the farm. We tend and spend time with the animals, weed the gardens again and again and work on the never ending list of projects. We really try to find time to relax. It is great when we find time to go for a swim or watch the night sky.

I do enjoy my time with the goats. If I am not cleaning out their living space or foraging food for them, I usually can sit and watch the goats graze and browse (which can be all types of plants like; trees, bushes and forbes).


Everyday I get the chance to hang out with these wonderful creatures. The goats are very loving and enjoy taking hikes with me.



We have more than goats!

We have a small flock of chickens that supply our family with eggs. We also have a large vegetable and fruit garden. We try to plant perennial flower beds, berries and nut trees. Here is a picture of my Mom out for a walk with us.

we live in the heart of a valley

We are so fortunate to be located near the Kickapoo River. We have a very small farm nestled in a tight crack between big hills. When we are not listening to music, we enjoy the sounds of nature. Dozens of bird songs fill the air.


If you like this video watch more at our YouTube channel: juliamarie.farm