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Wildcrafting is the collection of plants for the use in herbal remedies. During the Spring and Summer plants are collected and soaked in olive oil. The natural plant oils are extracted into the olive oil. The olive oil is then enhanced with the herbs healing properties. Most of the plants are collected on our farm.



Comfrey also know as Symphytum uplandicum. This plant has flowers that bees LOVE. We love it too. We infuse this plant in olive oil and use it in our soap and salves. This plant has large, rough leaves which may contain allantoin said to help your skin. Our goats love to eat it too.

Hop Vine

Hop Flowers

Hops or Humulus lupulusa is a tall growing perennial. One can even eat the young hop shoot. Hops are well known for use in beer. This wonderful plant is used to bring on a relaxed feeling. Some people use hops in tea or in dream pillows to help them go to sleep. The flower of the plant is used. When we make our soaps we first collect the hop flowers and infuse them in olive oil for a minimum of 6 weeks. We take the infused olive oil and add it to our soap.

Hops are said to be great for the hair and scalp.



Violet or Viola odorata is a small perennial flowering plant. We pick this beauty in the early spring. We use both the leaves and the flowers in our infused olive oils. The Violet is soothing to the skin.



The Botanical name of dandelion is Taraxacum officinale. Just looking at the leaves of a dandelion you can see why it is called Dent de Lion or teeth of the lion. This beautiful yellow flower is a pesky weed to most but is a prized plant here at Julia Marie. All parts of the dandelion can be used. It feels like this sunny plant can bring sunshine to our olive oil infusions.


Stinging Nettle

What a beauty! This plant, Urtica dioica fortunatly grows in abundance in our valley. We harvest this plant, for food, drink and for our products. We infuse the nettle in both apple cider vinegar and olive oil to later be used in our products. I have to be careful not get stung too much while I am harvesting.



Mint is in the Mentha genus. I am not sure what species this mint is exactly. It smells great. This plant grows wild along the edges of our fields and lawn. We infuse this plant in honey. Mmmmm, smells great!

Check back soon for more detailed information on the following plants:




Evergreen Trees: Spruce, Pine and Cedar


Black Walnut