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The Lotion + Soap

This is where we talk about the natural processes and ingredients used to make the lotion.

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Our lotion is great for your face.

Our lotion is great for your face.


Benefits of goat milk lotion:

Goat Milk make-up

Did you know?

  • Goats’ milk has a pH similar to our skin

  • Goats’ milk has vitamin A, B6, B12, C, D, E, riboflavin, niacin: hopefully enriching the largest organ in your body

  • Goats milk has the following minerals: iron, copper, zinc and selenium

  • Goats milk has other great stuff: lactic acid, amino acids: hopefully helping skin feel smooth

  • Goats’ milk is said to reduce itchiness and bumps in skin.

We use a preservative that does not contain alcohol, petroleum or ethanol. This is one reason why our lotion does not last for years and years. We even recommend that you place your lotion in the refrigerator for a longer shelf life.

I have searched far and wide for a plastic product made from recycled plastic. Our company is not large enough to purchase such a product in quantities beyond my current imagination. We currently use glass pump top bottles for some of our products. Glass will not leach chemicals into the product. Glass is easily recycled. When you are finished with your bottle PLEASE RECYCLE!


Benefits of Goat milk soap are very similar to the lotion. During the summer I collect plants and infuse them into olive oil. I make the nettle shampoo soap this way as well as a few other seasonal types.


Why I use lard:

Lard is the traditional fat used in soap making. Lard is a byproduct of the meat industry and is readily available. I find that since the julia marie company should focus on healthy choices we decided that lard fits well within our mindset. Lard is a product that will always be available as long as people are consuming meat. I do not have to get the fats (oils) from companies using mono-cultured tree plantations. 

Now a days, many people shy away from using soap with lard, yet, lard has many wonderful characteristics. Lard makes a nice hard bar of soap. Lard makes nice bubbly suds. Lard will help make your skin soft and smooth.


We have created a shampoo bar, similar to a soap bar, which has wonderful ingredients to nourish the hair and scalp.  I decided to make a stinging nettle infused olive oil with coconut oil and tea tree essential oil shampoo bar. I gather all of the stinging nettle leaves from right here on my farm. Nettle is great for your hair follicles. You can even try to use this soap on your skin.

Soap care:

Remember to keep the soap out of the stream of water from the shower. If the soap remains in water, it will continue to dissolve in the wet conditions. We recommend letting your soap sit in a dish with holes or on a rack that will allow the soap to completely dry between uses. 

Using the soap: 

Like most soap, if the soap gets into your eyes it may burn. Try to make sure when rinsing your hair to keep the stream of water away from your face. When using soap on your face, make sure to rinse it well before opening your eyes. If for some reason you get a rash, discontinue use.